Grading Thaime! Album 16

Sometimes you have to unsense the nonsense to make it into regular old sense.  Some of these are some examples where I just really had no clue what was going on.  But like, less than a clue of what’s going on than I normally don’t have.  Wait, what?


Viewer Submission 2!

Another reminder that you can mail images to me at This was a submission from a good teacher friend of mine who is probably much better at his job than me.  And if you send me and image (much like this) I will draw on it (much like this) and post it on my…

Grading Thaime! Album 14

So I decided to change the format a bit here to steer away from the gallery thing.  Not sure if it’s better or worse, and would appreciate any deconstructive criticisms you have.  Or feel free to just flood me with compliments as if I were the handsomest boy at a Grandmother convention.

Grading Thaime! Album 12

I would like to share a quick exchange from reddit on here: “don’t you think this generation of children won’t really connect with gen-1 pokemon from 20 years ago?” “Wow. No I didn’t think that. Way to make me feel old.” I should have made that dragon into Nicki Minaj.