Grading Thaime! The Originals.

Last year, I swept the nation with an album I posted on reddit where I explained my “Little Red Writing Pen” rule.  Unfortunately the nation didn’t know it was being swept.  So now I will attempt to re-sweep (and possibly mop, wax, and finally get that weird brown-yellow stain out of) the nation by releasing the same exact images!  But this time with some descriptions and the names blacked out.  Also I am going to release the rest of the collection.

To explain, I was an 8th-9th grade science teacher at an all girls Thai school in Bangkok, and I established a rule with my students:  If you draw something, I will add to it.

They drew, I added, and this is the original album of drawings I posted.  I continued to draw on their papers, but I did not continue to post them.  This is what is referred to as “foreshadowing.”  I have many more images to come!




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