Grading Thaime! Album 7

Ventriloquisms, sheepses, pyromaniacs, egomaniacs, and a dude in a dress (It’s Thailand after all).  I hope you all enjoy the new set.

And while I’m at it I would like to mention how incredibly excited, touched, and perlplexifithrillicated (eh, I’m not an English teacher)  at how “you all” apparently applies to more people than I ever, ever expected to see these.  The level of attention these are getting was highly unexpected, but certainly more than welcome.  A sincere thank you to everyone for that.

I have many more doodles to come!  But at this time I would also like to experiment with the idea of extending my red pen to other people’s assignments as well.  If you’re a teacher and you want me to doodle fight your students, or if you’re a student and would like me to add to your doodles, go ahead and send a scan in via email (  Through cutting edge 1980’s printing and rescanning technology, I will attempt to make my additions.  If I get submissions, and they turn out okay, I’ll feature some on my next post!


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