Grading Thaime! Album 19

So the way I categorize my images is by several… um… categories.  See, this is why people don’t ask me to talk at universities or during conversations.  My categories include things like silly, cute, personal favorites, elaborate, and mean.  Each time I put these together I try to mix these in even proportions.

This week I didn’t mix them evenly.   I had a surplus of the category I call “mean.”  So if you put all of these pictures in a blender, whipped them up into a paste, put that paste in a machine that measures essences (an e-meter?) and looked at the average essence, you’d get: mean.

Essentially what this means is that the mean meaning of this week is “mean.”  I must reiterate here, that I’ve never been invited to speak at universities.  


If the aliens were trying to abduct a turtle, they are in for a surprise.


Our in class movie for that week was “Casino.”


I had a picture of a blob and a word. I give myself credit for the elaboration.


Split your lungs with blood and thunder! When you see the cute whale.


Fires are the second leading cause of disease in houses. Termites is the first.

IMG_1421 IMG_1385 IMG_1319 IMG_1628


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