Grading Thaime! Album 10


Grading Thaime! Album 8

I delayed adding more pictures this week, as I wanted to put some effort into un-dumbing myself on the best way to deliver this content.  I am not going to say I am giving up on that.  I’ll let my notebook say it instead: Of course I am going to continue trying to improve my…

Grading Thaime! Viewer Submissions

Hello to everybody new!  I have two requests.  Actually, a reminder, and then a request regarding the reminder.  If this is confusing, don’t worry, I’m a little confused too, and will numerate both the reminder and the request for both of our sakes in a second.  Come to think of it, I think one is…

Grading Thaime! Album 7

Ventriloquisms, sheepses, pyromaniacs, egomaniacs, and a dude in a dress (It’s Thailand after all).  I hope you all enjoy the new set. And while I’m at it I would like to mention how incredibly excited, touched, and perlplexifithrillicated (eh, I’m not an English teacher)  at how “you all” apparently applies to more people than I…

Grading Thaime! Album 5

You’ll notice my tendency here to reverse the theme of an image.  An overdressed teenager sulking about a text message?  Now they are on ice skates.  A floating head with her lively fairy friends?  Quarantine.